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Brilliant Boats is a full service Naval Architecture consultancy.


With nearly 25 years behind us in Industrial Design, and 15 years in Naval Architecture, Brilliant Boats offers a powerful combination of skills:

•    A fully integrated creative 3D design process, including full developmental, engineering and construction modeling
•    25 years of real-world experience in industrial design, production engineering and manufacturing

Our clients include Owners, but also Shipyards, Builders, and other Designers and Architects.
Whether working directly for the Owner on one of
our own designs or as an outside resource to others, our mission is to deliver what is required to turn a blue-sky concept into reality.

Designing and building a modern yacht is a team sport. It is an activity that requires total commitment from all involved. The Owner, Naval Architect, Interior Designer, Project Manager, Builder, Classification Society, and a host of Sub-Contractors all have to participate in a closely choreographed dance. Clear objectives, excellent communication and understanding of the “other guy’s” job forge these disparate professionals into a winning team.

Our team of Naval Architects, Designers, Engineers and 3D Modelers includes people from industries as diverse as automotive & aircraft to furniture & interiors, as well as yachts. This mix gives us a real advantage when it comes to designing for efficiency as well as style - a real advantage when it comes   to designing complex structures for one off, or low volume production. 

These advantages give us a real edge  when it comes to the business of designing modern yachts, which are nothing if not a perfect mix of high technology and high style.

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Michael Schutte
Principal Naval Architect