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Who We Are

Michael Schutte is the founder and Principal Naval Architect of Brilliant Boats, a full service naval architecture and marine engineering consultancy.

After 15 years of working behind the scenes on projects from fast ferries, to large motor yachts, to even helping out on a James Bond film, his team is now stealing the limelight for itself. Mega Motor Yachts like Forty Love, the 45m Twilight and exotic superyacht sailing catamarans like the Blubay 72′ and 100′ are the some projects, along with design and engineering for underwater habitats like the Poseidon Undersea Resort and the H2Ome.

Michael holds degrees in Industrial Design (Leicester, 1986) and Naval Architecture from Southampton Institute (1993). He came to Naval Architecture with a successful background in industrial design and the manufacture of furniture, corporate interiors and components for the automotive and aircraft industries. After 27 years as a design professional, and over 20 years as a Naval Architect, he offers, with the Brilliant Boats team, a powerful combination of design flair, creative solutions based on real-world manufacturing experience, and the best 3D design and engineering tools in the business.

What We Do


Brilliant Boats provides a full range of engineering services.

Detailed 3D construction modeling is the first step in a process that provides precise information for detailed engineering of the structure. All primary structural components of the vessel are subjected to virtual loads in FEA (Finite Element Analysis) and optimized for the job they have to do. The results are lighter, stronger structures that are more efficient to build and run.

Design Process

Brilliant Boats offers a complete design service. Many Clients have us design their vessels from the bottom up, or the inside out, if you prefer. There are clear advantages to having all aspects of the vessel being designed in parallel, under one roof. We approach a new project from many directions at once. We surround it and attack in alternating waves of interior, mechanical, styling, performance, structure, systems, and budget criteria. We continue until we have a concept that stands firm against everything on the wish list in the Client’s brief.

Interior Design

Brilliant Boats industrial design roots mean that the interior is never considered in isolation. You could say this is where we come from. Our years designing furniture and interiors, both corporate and private were not wasted.

The Superyacht experience is about a lot more than style. It’s also about intelligent flow and space planning, lines of sight, light, presentation and attention to detail after detail after detail. The complicated whole needs to be reduced to simple impressions, luxurious in their “rightness” and unspoiled by the practical necessities of running a ship.

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