Brilliant Boats provides a full range of engineering services.

Detailed 3D construction modeling is the first step in a process that provides precise information for detailed engineering of the structure. All primary structural components of the vessel are subjected to virtual loads in FEA (Finite Element Analysis) and optimized for the job they have to do. The results are lighter, stronger structures that are more efficient to build and run.

We specialize in producing "Net Part" construction packages for builders that give them templates for every piece of a vessel. The resulting accuracy, speed and simplicity of assembly means that complex one-off structures can be produced by yards with little or no yacht experience. Our customers are free to shop worldwide for labor and still be guaranteed outstanding results.

The same philosophy is applied to the design, engineering, sourcing and incorporation of all of the vessel's onboard systems. We can produce schematics only if the builder has engineering capabilities, or a fully engineered, fully detailed 3D installation package.

Structural Engineering

Brilliant Boats has designed and built vessels in carbon fiber and Nomex, steel, aluminium, wood and FRP.  We design for efficient construction in a variety of materials, depending on individual vessel requirements, budgets, and our build partner's experience and skills.

Depending on the application we will design to Classification Society Rules, or from first principles, and then optimize in FEA. Finite element analysis offers us precise information on the loading and responses of the vessel as a whole. We can see the actual flow of the stresses through the structure and design accordingly. Practically, this allows us to add or remove material in our construction models until we have the most efficient structure possible. The customer can specify how he wants to optimize the construction and sometimes this is driven by material prices, availability or stock, but in most yachts this is typically about saving weight and materials.

Creative structural solutions have allowed us to make some real advances in the design of our own yachts, and helped resolve design and production conflicts for many of our industrial clients.

Production Engineering

A traditional construction package consists of 2D drawings which the shipyard uses to "stick build" the vessel. This means that they must work out themselves how to build what is shown in the drawings, loft panels, use cardboard to develop curved surfaces, and a million other production information related tasks. This is shipbuilding as an art. It's complicated and expensive because you need very experienced people to achieve good results.

A Brilliant Boats Net-Part construction package is a quantum leap ahead. The deliverables are zero-tolerance cutting paths for each part of the vessel and all required assembly information. The builder works with individual, pre-cut, numbered parts that are put together following a predetermined path.

The resulting millimeter perfect precision in construction produces excellent visible results. More significant are possibilities for practical outsourcing of complicated sub-assemblies like the interior to dedicated specialists, who can confidently proceed in parallel.

Vessel construction and fit-out using this methodology is reduced to an assembly exercise, allowing customers the freedom to shop worldwide for labor, equipment, and quality, and bring the components to their chosen build site for installation.

Systems Engineering

The requirements of each project vary greatly in the area of systems engineering.  Most builders have some on-site engineering resources. Brilliant Boats mission is only to supply what's missing.

Typically we produce at least a set of schematics for each system, in cooperation with the hardware supplier(s), and then the builder or supplier will continue with the detailed installation drawings based on their habitual working methods and sources. If they also have a history of dealing with local Classification Society surveyors this is an efficient way to work.

We often do get involved where pipe runs are very tight, or in areas like the engine room, where 3D modeling can make all the difference to the practicality and appearance of a complicated installation.

We will supply complete specifications and installation drawings for all systems, engineered from first principles, including calculations of all pipe and fitting losses.

Project Support

Brilliant Boats has decades of real world project support experience. This includes design, production, and manufacturing support for the furniture, automotive and aircraft industries as well as marine. We have been involved as a primary as well as an outside resource in many significant yacht projects in partnership with some of the best know names in the business.

Project support services include the creative, architectural and engineering services discussed elsewhere as well as;

MCA, USCG approval

Stability Books and Incline testing.

Yard support and site inspections

Systems and Electronics / Interior integration

Project Management

Project Evaluation

Vessel Specification Documents

We are very pleased to provide only what's missing from your project. Our business is built on providing exactly that.

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