Brilliant Boats offers a complete design service.

Many Clients have us design their vessels from the bottom up, or the inside out, if you prefer. There are clear advantages to having all aspects of the vessel being designed in parallel, under one roof. We approach a new project from many directions at once. We surround it and attack in alternating waves of interior, mechanical, styling, performance, structure, systems, and budget criteria. We continue until we have a concept that stands firm against everything on the wish list in the Client’s brief. Having said all that, we rarely end up doing everything ourselves.

We usually work in close cooperation with the Builder and suppliers of significant sub-assemblies. They are usually the best placed to efficiently deal with the details of the systems within their scope of supply.

Often a Client will have a favorite interior designer, or a relationship with other professionals that contribute to the project. In this case we supply only what’s missing and ensure that the individual pieces integrate seamlessly on site. Because our client base includes not just Owners of vessels, but other industry and industrial professionals, we are often called upon as an external resource to tackle individual design and/or engineering projects.