Brilliant Boats industrial design roots mean that the interior is never considered in isolation. You could say this is where we come from.

Our years designing furniture and interiors, both corporate and private were not wasted. The Superyacht experience is about a lot more than style. It’s also about intelligent flow and space planning, lines of sight, light, presentation and attention to detail after detail after detail. The complicated whole needs to be reduced to simple impressions, luxurious in their “rightness” and unspoiled by the practical necessities of running a ship.

We arrange the public spaces first. This gives us the basic geometry around which the rest is wrapped. Or more accurately threaded through, over, around, and between, as well as wrapped. The interior design of a modern yacht is as much about what you don’t see as what you do. Plumbing, electrical, fire suppression systems, HVAC, AV and sound systems, communications, security and alarm systems are all incorporated seamlessly because we give them a home from the beginning.

A typical interior package would include a set of detailed arrangement drawings, elevations (4) and a reflected ceiling plan for each space in the vessel, a detailed material specification as well as general cabinet and moulding details.