Brilliant Boats provides a full range of engineering services.

Detailed 3D construction modeling is the first step in a process that provides precise information for detailed engineering of the structure. All primary structural components of the vessel are subjected to virtual loads in FEA (Finite Element Analysis) and optimized for the job they have to do. The results are lighter, stronger structures that are more efficient to build and run.

We specialize in producing “Net Part” construction packages for builders that give them templates for every piece of a vessel. The resulting accuracy, speed and simplicity of assembly means that complex one-off structures can be produced by yards with little or no yacht experience.

Our customers are free to shop worldwide for labor and still be guaranteed outstanding results. The same philosophy is applied to the design, engineering, sourcing and incorporation of all of the vessel’s onboard systems. We can produce schematics only if the builder has engineering capabilities, or a fully engineered, fully detailed 3D installation package.